Besant nagar beach -Chennai

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7 thoughts on “Besant nagar beach -Chennai

  1. Pratap says:

    Would you like to get more visitors from Chennai?

    Submit your blog in . This is a one time submission. This would automatically submit a preview of your future blog posts in Chennai, with a link back to your blog.

    Enjoy more traffic from Chennai 🙂

  2. Pratap says:

    Hi Prabhu,

    Someone submitted this blog in . I think it must have been you but I am not sure. Please nsert that script that we gave you to prove us that the submitted is the owner of this blog.

    Legally I can only approve if you paste that script, somewhere in your blog template.
    Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. Pratap says:

    Hi Prabhu,

    There has been some miscommunicatiion and I am at fault. The instructions I had given was for blogspot and not for wordpress. Correct instructions for you.

    Please follow the instruction below:
    1. Submit your blog in
    2. Copy the widget
    3. Go to your blog dashboard in
    4. Click on “Appearance” on the left side bar, then click on “Widget” under that.
    5. In the “Widgets” page, you will find lots of types of widgets: drag and drop the “Text” widget.
    6. Inside the “Text widget” paste the contents that you copied in Step 2. Leave the Title empty.
    7. Save and close.
    8. Go to your and refresh the page. You will see a small zeole logo on the right side. Below that, it will say “I power Chennai”.

    Your zeole submission will be approved, once we can see the small zeole logo in your blog.

    Thank you!
    Pratap Ramamurthy
    Creator of

  4. Pratap says:

    Hi Prabhu,

    Thanks for adding the widget. I approved your blog. But we hit a problem with your RSS. Your wordpress RSS does not seem to have any of your images. took your RSS, and created this. (notice there are no images in this). We are working on it. I expect to have a fix soon.

    Thanks for submitting your blog. I will let you know once we fix the problem 🙂

  5. Pratap says:

    Hi Prabhu,

    I worked all weekend to find the problem. The problem is, your RSS feed does not contain any links to your images. You may know that, in wordpress there are two ways to show images, slideshow and gallery. If you use the gallery, the RSS works fine, but the slideshow has the problem.

    At this point we we are unable to find a workaround. We are going to display whatever we get through your RSS – that would basically be a link to your blog (with no images).


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