Lalgudi sivan temple chariot

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13 thoughts on “Lalgudi sivan temple chariot

  1. Varadh says:

    Fantastic. The ther really looks magnificient and the whole town in festive mood for tommorrow.

  2. M.Senthil Kumar says:

    can you post a video coverage for this festival ?. This could be very helpful for me like people in abroad (US,UK,Gulf etc). We missed our native place festival.

  3. Hi

    Sorry . I unable to attend the festival. So i missed to take video. Please check this one


  4. C.Vedanarayanan says:

    Your photographs are excellent…. Lalgudians like me who live thousands of miles away
    feel very nostalgic….
    If you can get hold of someone who made a video coverage of the event and upload it
    that would be a great help
    Lalgudi Veda, London

  5. L.N.ganapathy says:

    In my age this is first time i seen the chariot. i heard the story of the chariot form my father and my mother. I think in my life it is not possible to see the chariot. but it’s god gift i seen the chariot. Thanks to all.

  6. lalgudiana says:

    Hi ..don’t feel it

    nice photo collection

    This lalgudi chariot Video Coverage

  7. W O W ! . Is it Lalgudi ?

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